Update: Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband on Windows 7 with Lenovo Thinkpad

It’s become clear from comments on my previous article, that Lenovo have released a new Windows 7 driver for the Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband card.

You would never know from glancing at the downloads page because it doesn’t list versions numbers or publish dates…Screenshot of F3507g driver on Lenovo downloads page

The driver is now listed under Vodafone and AT&T Wireless WAN (HSPA) Driver. Just to make things extra confusing (and harder to find) they removed the actual card model number from the description. The new filename  is 7uw706ww.zip (direct download link), and comes in at 40MB (10 MB smaller than the last driver). It comes as a Setup.exe, including both 32-bit and 64-bit drivers.

After installing the new driver (no need to uninstall the previous one), you will have the following new devices in device manager:

  • F3507g Mobile Broadband Driver (Network Adapters)
  • F3507g Mobile Broadband Device Management (COM3)
  • F3507g Mobile Broadband GPS Port (COM6)
  • F3507g Mobile Broadband Device

The crucial thing about the new driver is the change in version from (dated 16/12/2008) to 4.54.7103.1 (dated 26/06/2009). The drivers are also HCL certified by Microsoft. Some devices are dated 29/07/2009 and version Either way, all the drivers are much newer :)


This driver is radically different from the previous one. The previous driver installs your broadband card as an old school modem (with COM ports et al). This is what made it particularly tricky to setup.

The new driver actually gets the broadband card to show up as… (drum roll)… a Mobile Broadband Connection!

Ericsson F3507G showing as Mobile Broadband  in Network Connections

The upshot of this is that, after installing these drivers you don’t need any third party software to get online!

I am not sure if this device type was available in Vista, but I have certainly never seen it before. It integrates with Windows differently to a dialup modem. One obvious change is that it shows up in the networks list accessed via the system tray like so:

Available connections

You can set it to automatically connect when there is no other connection available, which is quite handy and works quite well.

There is only one trick you may need for setting the APN. To do this you need to go to the networks list and right click, show properties. Note: This is completely different than if you select properties in the Network Connections windows. You should see the following:

Mobile Broadband connection properties under Windows 7, showing APN setting

Here you can enter the APN and username/password if required by your ISP.

There are only a couple of negatives I have discovered so far:

  • Using Wireless Manager it was possible to force the connection to only use HSDPA etc. I can’t find a way to do this with the new setup
  • There is not as much status information available as when using Wireless Manager. For instance, when I am connected, it ALWAYS seems to display UMTS as the connection type, even though I know I am on HSDPA. This may or may not be a bug.

One very exciting feature that I just stumbled upon when researching this article is the Windows 7 Sensor compatible GPS Location driver that gets installed.

F3507g GPS Location Sensor driver for Windows 7!

This new feature for Windows 7 allows applications to access your GPS data through a standard API, for example Google Chrome can use this to position you on Google maps! I have not got this to work so far but I am hoping that’s because I have no GPS signal indoors.

Overall I am happy with the new drivers – it’s certainly a better way to integrate with Windows, and the connection seems to be much more reliable.

117 thoughts on “Update: Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband on Windows 7 with Lenovo Thinkpad

  1. Daniel Feldman

    I am also having issues with the Cisco VPN working over the Ericsson f3507g WWAN. The VPN client seems to block every packet.
    Anyone knows how to make it work?

  2. Marek Siska

    hello I have the same problem on Dell latitude E6500 notebook (dell wireless 5530 HSPA Mini card) and Toshiba portege m750 ( SE F3507 modem). If you find any solution pleas write me to me email. thanks

  3. sam

    i have same issue under windows 7 + Ericsson f3507g mobile broadband card of my Lenovo T400s. But using Wifi and LAN is ok.

  4. Michael

    Daniel Feldman :

    I am also having issues with the Cisco VPN working over the Ericsson f3507g WWAN. The VPN client seems to block every packet.
    Anyone knows how to make it work?

    I have the same issue. I can plug in an external WWAN card and the VPN connection will work just fine. If I use the internal card, I can’t seem to connect to exchange or anything else on the network.

  5. Ferenc Bauer

    I tried to install the software on a Thinkpad w500. I received an error message “2300. Authentication failed. The F3607gw Mobile Broadband Device cannot be installed on this computer. Please contact Lenovo support for further information”
    Pls any help? What this means???
    Op. Win7 Professional – 64 (valid license)

  6. Ferenc Bauer

    Ferenc Bauer :

    I tried to install the software on a Thinkpad w500. I received an error message “2300. Authentication failed. The F3607gw Mobile Broadband Device cannot be installed on this computer. Please contact Lenovo support for further information”
    Pls any help? What this means???
    Op. Win7 Professional – 64 (valid license)

    I have realized that I have green & black cables, not red & blue. Does it matter??? My Thinkpad is w500 4061WAS, it is wwan capable, I have SIM slot, etc.

  7. hugo boss

    Hi Ferenc…
    you found the wifi mini card … all lenovo 500 have the slot for sim card, but not all of them have the built-in wwan card

  8. Torben

    Great guide – after a few minutes it runs like in butter.

    Especially after uninstalling “Access Connection 5.5″ !

  9. Ferenc Bauer

    hugo boss :

    Hi Ferenc…
    you found the wifi mini card … all lenovo 500 have the slot for sim card, but not all of them have the built-in wwan card

    thx for the info. When I removed the wifi mini card and replaced it with the Ericsson card, nothing happened. I could not either find it in the device manager or install the Lenovo softwares (see error message as above).
    How should I proceed? Is my W500 capable to use this HSDPA modem with? Should I sell this Ericsson mini card and by an external HSDPA modem instead?
    Thanks for your answer in advance!

  10. Naveen

    ThanX so much!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve been working on this issue since I installed win 7. Found no good help anywhere!!!

    Your post solved the issue!

    Thanx again

  11. Sam-2


    The new driver works on my Lenovo T400 and I don’t use access connections. It is excatly like I want it to be, except when returning from standby, the driver will not re-activate. I will only get bluetooth and Wifi… Sometimes it workes and sometimes it doesn’t. Haven’t figured out why, nor a workaround. I will update back if I do figure out.

    Cheers !
    Sammy boy…

  12. Louis van der Walt

    Has anybody found a solution for the Cisco VPN problem of the F3507g Mobile Broadband Driver?

  13. Louis van der Walt

    I found that my Cisco VPN works on wired connection. But Wireless or WWN it connects but not able to ping any network servers.

  14. David

    Hi, your tips also helped me find an answer. I have a Dell Precision M6400 with a HSPA 5530 installed. Running VMware Workstation 7.01 on Windows 7 64bit, I wanted to be able to put the HSPA inside a VM. Normally with VMware, you can bridge an adapter, not so with the 5530. There is the Internet connection Sharing method, but I wasn’t quite so keen on that.


    Trying to install the drivers failed, and I tried all the dell, ericson, lenovo drivers I could find. So I wiped my laptop and installed win7 32bit. I did this, then installed the dell drivers (R251153) to get the hspa card to work. Installing created a dell\Dell WWAN directory under Program Files which contained all the extracted 32bit drivers. I then wiped the machine and reinstalled 64bit win7, vmware, drivers etc. Once back up and running, I copied that Dell WWAN directory to the desktop of the VM guest (in this case also running Win7 32 bit), I then attached the HSPA card, went to device manager and updated the drivers manually pointing at the above directory. The first time I did this it created 5 new devices all with issues, so I went and updated the drivers for each of these from the same directory and hey presto, the 3 network appeared in my Connect To sys tray. I connected and had internet connectivty inside a VM. The host had no access, but I kind of want that, I can always route through the VM if I want. The ericson wireless manager unfortunately refused to acknowledge the dell 5530, but I did notice that under control panel, there is a Location and Other Sensors option, where the GPS Port appears…. I’ve seen no mention of this in my searches….

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  16. Rigo

    with Willem tip for driver version my X301 is working at 3G speeds. Go to http://s10lenovo.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3933 and download the drivers for the Ideapad S10:

    Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband Driver Version 11/03/09 – S9 and S10 Windows 7 32 bit (IN6WLN11WW5.exe)
    Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband Manager Version 11/03/09 – S9 and S10 Windows 7 32 bit (IN6WLN12WW5.exe)

    Remove the drivers from the Add-Remove, look for Ericksson and also remove the Mobile Broadband Connect from Lenovo

    Reboot (open the device manager window and see it working, lots of new entries…) and install and reboot, then install Mobile Broadband Connect.

    This was a great resource, spend 3 hours at a local ATT center and another 3 with Lenovo and NOTHING until I hit Jack Ukleja page and Willem tip!!

  17. Martin

    Please, HELP me !!
    Has anybody found a solution for the Cisco VPN problem of the F3507g Mobile Broadband Driver?

  18. Glenn Tilson

    @ Daniel, Sam, Michael, Horb, Louis

    Cisco VPN client & Windows 7 Mobile Broadband Adapter problem and workaround:

    Here is the workaround I got from Citrix, who provide the NDE component used in the Cisco VPN client.

    “The problem is that in Win7, the Microsoft group developing WWAN support decided to not use a standard NDIS interface, building a custom interface that was not compatible with previous versions of the software or any Intermediate Miniport (IM) drivers. We are in process of testing our changes to DNE to support this new interface and expect to have something available towards the end of the quarter or beginning of Q2.”

    “In the meantime, the only solution we’ve seen is to get the Windows Vista WWAN driver and to use it instead of the Win7 WWAN driver.”

    So the answer is to use the Vista driver for the Ericsson F3507G card and, unfortunately, use Access Connections.

    The Cisco AnyConnect CPN Client does not have the problem so we’re looking into changing VPN clients to get this working with the native Windows 7 Mobile Broadband Adapter.

    If anyone else has any information on this problem, please share.

  19. André

    Is there a way to turn on/off the power of the F3507g card?

    I installed the beta driver but still no can’t find where to turn on/off the power.

    Before I upgraded my x200s to Win7(64) I could use the Fn+F5, but now the Wan choise is not listed. Only the w-lan and Bluetooth.

    Any hints?

  20. Matija

    Hi everyone,
    I need some help with my F3507g mobile broadband manager.
    Every time I run the program it stops at “initializing the mobile broadband device” or it says “mobile broadband device is not communicating” … but I can still connect to the internet by clicking the connections menu in my main taskbar.
    Any advice?
    I tried updating the software but that didn’t help…
    Thanks in advance!

  21. Hélène

    Dear all,
    I have a question about seetings HSPA mini-card with client windows seven : can we configure automatically in windows seven client a proxy (no in the browser).
    Goal : recognize 3G connection and configure the proxy automaically, no change in the browser.

    Driver : Dell wireless 5530 HSPA Mini-Card Modem
    OS : Windows Seven
    Connexion haut débit mobile : 3G+ SFR

  22. simon

    It works also with Lenovo wireless app. Just delete the default WWAN profile an make a new one!

    How to edit APN!

  23. simon

    I have installed Citrix DNE update and it works fine with Cisco VPN client Ver., except over the WWAN modem from Ericsson AB.

    I have tried the Vista driver but with no results!

    Lenovo X301

  24. ^bC^

    The cisco VPN does not work in any way, it connects but cannot add the routes therefor totally useless.
    Download another VPN client like “NCP secure entry client” or the free “VPNC Front End” from sourceforge…
    There are others but these two I have know is working and you could import the Cisco Profiles…

  25. DavKat

    I have tried starting the GPS feature and it does not seem to find the satellites, and my Streets & Trips 2010 does not seem to recognize the GPS on COM19 (or whatever it uses). I am wondering if NMEA settings are an issues?

    If anyone gets the GPS to work as expected, please share.

  26. a_petrov303

    Thank you very much Jack for great write up!

    I followed it to the letter but I get “No Broadband Modem” error in the SE wireless manager app.

    But as you can see from the image attached, I am actually connected to the GSM network…


    Anyone had this problem and/or know how to solve it?

    Many thanks!

  27. Tinoe Til

    I intentionally use this modem for sms only using SE wireless manager in Thinkpad x200 Windows XP.
    But somehow I don’t like to use the software because when you get sms message, the application not showing the name of the sender that I saved previously in phonebook.
    Is there any software that match my requirement?
    I did using wammu and the apps only send message. Not receiving :(

    For a_petrov303, yeah.. sometimes I got those kind “No Broadband Modem” error when I opened from SE shortcut. What I did to get connected, I use Thinkpad Access Connection to open the SE application. Set from your profile connection.

  28. Madze

    There are newer drivers on lenovo support page: 7UW708WW (Version and 7UW726WW (

  29. island

    Thanks man. This works fucking perfect. I didnt even had to configure any APN settings, I just needed to enter the PIN code and got connected,
    Thanks from germany!

  30. sl500

    problems to get the ericsson wlan modem on i spend a lot off time but can not get the modem on it always say disconneted?
    instaald a lot of tools but nothing put it back on anywone has an Idea please!!

  31. JL

    SOLVED – problems with CIsco VPN not working with T400 & F3507g Ericsson Broadband WWAN adapter(due to not installing the DNE routine required by Cisco VPN into the Mobile Broadband network driver) – although the VPN worked with LAN or WiF network adapters.

    - uninstalled prior Cisco VPN Client
    - used Citrix WinFix.exe to clean up and remove prior Cisco VPN and DNE installations
    - installed Citrix DNE updater (same website source)
    - installed latest Cisco VPN Client 5.0.07
    - (had installed latest Lenovo driver for Vodafone ATT Wireless WAN (HPSA) 25Jun10 – hadn’t resolved problem by instelf)

    Other solutions that had worked prior to above use of updated software:
    - alternate VPN (NCP, importing Cisco VPN pcf – worked well but requires purchasing another VPN)
    - setting up a Modem Dial-up driver using the Ericsson card and latest Lenovo driver, accessing ATT cellular service for internet access, then using Cisco VPN

  32. Antti Kurenniemi

    Bang on! Thank you ever so much, I was already becoming desperate – I had a working 3G connection for months, and then some update (Access Connections I think) broke it and I was sooooo pissed off. But then I came across your page and downloaded that new driver, uninstalled all AccessConnection related stuff and now it just… works. Beautiful!

  33. PKz

    Excellent post. The Citrix DNE update procedure outlined on the Citrix support page solved my problem with Cisco vpn client 5.0.05 running on a Windows 7 Starter edition Samsung N210 mini notebook with built-in Samsung Wireless Broadband controller, connected to Sonera 3G network in Finland.

    Thanks (and sorry about this off-topic post, but this information may be valuable to users of other WWAN modems as well.)

  34. Pzkfw5

    I’ve got an Ericsson branded F3507g installed in my Dell 1535 and using the Levono drivers. I’ve discovered that Levono access connect works on my laptop properly but wont send SMSs.

    Reading the Levono forums, I’ve come across Sony OneClick internet connection manager which allows SMSs and being able to force UMTS/HSPDA only whilst continuing to use the latest drivers.



    original levono forum discussion


  35. Joe

    Hi all, I’m trying to use a F3507g from an LG lx120 in my Dell Precision M4500. . . So far I can’t get any drivers at all the instal, all the setups give errors and they say they can’t be installed on my computer. . . Running W7 x64. Thanks!

  36. radocea

    Hi All,
    I have a fix for the f3507g from Ericsson alias DELL 5530 HSPA WWAN module, regarding the issue of randomly connection drop and freezing the system in some cases. I had this issue for a lot of time on Windows 7 x64bit. The issue is caused by the SIM card Driver that comes in the original driver package !!! I noticed this from mobile phones when they have signal drops when the sim card is not communicating with the device. So I also had only 2 signal drops in 6 months but that rang a bell. So i tried different SIM card drivers (from Lenovo, DELL, and Toshiba) – as they all use the same module only that is differently branded. The only sim card driver that I found stable and able to fix this connection drop was the driver from Toshiba f3507g. Attention ! only de “scard driver” should be installed from Toshiba ! The rest you will install from your original manufacturer ! To get toshiba drivers you will need the tool MSITools to extract from toshiba’s msi package the drivers for your system. The drivers you can download from http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/?page=3gdownloads or a direct link : http://support1.toshiba-tro.de/tools/3g/ER_3g_drivers_62123_R3M03.zip . I hope this helps as it helped me after months of brain twisting.

  37. jimmykevin

    Hi all,

    I am using Windows 7 x64 and Cisco VPN 5.0.7 with a few laptops with a DELL 5540 WWAN module. The dneupdate seems to solve the NDIS issue as I can connect the VPN client, but after a few minutes it freezes the system when connected over the WWAN. This issue appears on all the laptops, a fresh install doesn’t help. There is no BSOD and no memory dump, so this is not easy to troubleshoot. All the drivers are up-to-date. Do you have an idea ?

  38. Bogs

    Please help me install F3507g (Dell 5530) on my Inspiron 1525. I know it may be a compatibility issue but a fix or workaround might be there. Won’t mind if the GPS is disabled. Tried almost all the Dell / Lenovo drivers to no avail. Thanks, will appreciate your help.

  39. Christos

    There is a trick/work-around on installing drivers for the F3507g depending on what kind of branding it is on; I am currently working on it.

    I have a Win7 32bit tablet with SIM socket and a free mini-PCIe. I wanted 3G & GPS so I bought a F3507g Dell 5530 branded. Authentication failed upon installation of any package because it is not IBM/Dell/Acer etc.

    Upon installing the package, there is a temp file written in the local directories for an .msi file called “Mobile Broadband Drivers”. Taking this out and extracting it with Universal Extractor for .msi installation files, you get a series of folders with drivers – depending on your platform x86 or x64.

    I will soon test the validity of my arguments; with the IBM package I got the card recognized but not the external SIM. Now I’m doing the same work-around for the Dell 5530 drivers.

    Comments welcome!


  40. Louis van der walt

    This has nothing to do with the native windows TCP stack, Cisco uses a DNE
    Driver from Citrix to supercharge the stack.
    Latest information on this driver is available from -
    http://www.citrix.com/lang/English/lp/lp_1680845.asp and this now carries a
    official statement from citrix indicating that they now support the WWAN
    adapters refer to URL “DNE now supports WWAN devices in Win7 ”

    I have tested this driver on my machine and it resolves the issue but take
    note there are other applications that use their own custom DNE driver and
    could break the Cisco VPN client, i could not find any that we use but we
    still have to keep an eye on this.

    Driver can be downloaded from

    The general consensus out there is that this is not the magic bullet.
    Remember you should correctly diagnose the issue, what we experience
    specifically on this matter is that the 3G connection establishes without
    any issue, the cisco vpn client makes a connection without any issue but
    you cannot connect to any system of even ping a router or server.

    I have tested this driver on my laptop with Windows 7 62Bit SP1 and it
    resolved the issue.

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