Update: Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband on Windows 7 with Lenovo Thinkpad

It’s become clear from comments on my previous article, that Lenovo have released a new Windows 7 driver for the Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband card.

You would never know from glancing at the downloads page because it doesn’t list versions numbers or publish dates…Screenshot of F3507g driver on Lenovo downloads page

The driver is now listed under Vodafone and AT&T Wireless WAN (HSPA) Driver. Just to make things extra confusing (and harder to find) they removed the actual card model number from the description. The new filename  is 7uw706ww.zip (direct download link), and comes in at 40MB (10 MB smaller than the last driver). It comes as a Setup.exe, including both 32-bit and 64-bit drivers.

After installing the new driver (no need to uninstall the previous one), you will have the following new devices in device manager:

  • F3507g Mobile Broadband Driver (Network Adapters)
  • F3507g Mobile Broadband Device Management (COM3)
  • F3507g Mobile Broadband GPS Port (COM6)
  • F3507g Mobile Broadband Device

The crucial thing about the new driver is the change in version from (dated 16/12/2008) to 4.54.7103.1 (dated 26/06/2009). The drivers are also HCL certified by Microsoft. Some devices are dated 29/07/2009 and version Either way, all the drivers are much newer :)


This driver is radically different from the previous one. The previous driver installs your broadband card as an old school modem (with COM ports et al). This is what made it particularly tricky to setup.

The new driver actually gets the broadband card to show up as… (drum roll)… a Mobile Broadband Connection!

Ericsson F3507G showing as Mobile Broadband  in Network Connections

The upshot of this is that, after installing these drivers you don’t need any third party software to get online!

I am not sure if this device type was available in Vista, but I have certainly never seen it before. It integrates with Windows differently to a dialup modem. One obvious change is that it shows up in the networks list accessed via the system tray like so:

Available connections

You can set it to automatically connect when there is no other connection available, which is quite handy and works quite well.

There is only one trick you may need for setting the APN. To do this you need to go to the networks list and right click, show properties. Note: This is completely different than if you select properties in the Network Connections windows. You should see the following:

Mobile Broadband connection properties under Windows 7, showing APN setting

Here you can enter the APN and username/password if required by your ISP.

There are only a couple of negatives I have discovered so far:

  • Using Wireless Manager it was possible to force the connection to only use HSDPA etc. I can’t find a way to do this with the new setup
  • There is not as much status information available as when using Wireless Manager. For instance, when I am connected, it ALWAYS seems to display UMTS as the connection type, even though I know I am on HSDPA. This may or may not be a bug.

One very exciting feature that I just stumbled upon when researching this article is the Windows 7 Sensor compatible GPS Location driver that gets installed.

F3507g GPS Location Sensor driver for Windows 7!

This new feature for Windows 7 allows applications to access your GPS data through a standard API, for example Google Chrome can use this to position you on Google maps! I have not got this to work so far but I am hoping that’s because I have no GPS signal indoors.

Overall I am happy with the new drivers – it’s certainly a better way to integrate with Windows, and the connection seems to be much more reliable.

120 thoughts on “Update: Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband on Windows 7 with Lenovo Thinkpad

  1. Christos

    There is a trick/work-around on installing drivers for the F3507g depending on what kind of branding it is on; I am currently working on it.

    I have a Win7 32bit tablet with SIM socket and a free mini-PCIe. I wanted 3G & GPS so I bought a F3507g Dell 5530 branded. Authentication failed upon installation of any package because it is not IBM/Dell/Acer etc.

    Upon installing the package, there is a temp file written in the local directories for an .msi file called “Mobile Broadband Drivers”. Taking this out and extracting it with Universal Extractor for .msi installation files, you get a series of folders with drivers – depending on your platform x86 or x64.

    I will soon test the validity of my arguments; with the IBM package I got the card recognized but not the external SIM. Now I’m doing the same work-around for the Dell 5530 drivers.

    Comments welcome!


  2. Louis van der walt

    This has nothing to do with the native windows TCP stack, Cisco uses a DNE
    Driver from Citrix to supercharge the stack.
    Latest information on this driver is available from –
    http://www.citrix.com/lang/English/lp/lp_1680845.asp and this now carries a
    official statement from citrix indicating that they now support the WWAN
    adapters refer to URL “DNE now supports WWAN devices in Win7 ”

    I have tested this driver on my machine and it resolves the issue but take
    note there are other applications that use their own custom DNE driver and
    could break the Cisco VPN client, i could not find any that we use but we
    still have to keep an eye on this.

    Driver can be downloaded from

    The general consensus out there is that this is not the magic bullet.
    Remember you should correctly diagnose the issue, what we experience
    specifically on this matter is that the 3G connection establishes without
    any issue, the cisco vpn client makes a connection without any issue but
    you cannot connect to any system of even ping a router or server.

    I have tested this driver on my laptop with Windows 7 62Bit SP1 and it
    resolved the issue.

  3. Amy

    I followed your instructions and now have this updated driver and my Thinkpad is operating much better. Way better connection and no more frustration. Sweet deal. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Edguardo

    Thanks for the help man, I had no clue why my laptop was being so slow. Who would’ve thought it was something so simple as updating the driver. So easy.

  5. Fabrizio Lamberti

    Was anyone able to use the GPS functionality ?

    I’ve installed the last driver available for this WWAN card and the Thinkvantage GPS, but everytime I’ve tried to start it I’ve got the following error:
    “No SIM card found in the system. Please insert a SIM card to start using GPS.”

    Unfortunately the SIM card is already and properly inserted because I’m able to connet to UMTS network.

    I’ ve also tried to reinstall Thinkvantage GPS software and to enable/disable the GPS sensor from “Control panel\Location and other sensors”.

    anyone could help me ?


  6. Imesh

    I have a Thinkpad T400 and installed Ericsson F3507g. F3507g was working fine till yesterday and it stopped working once I installed few other drivers.

    I downloaded the drivers as suggested from lenovo (7uwc44ww, 7uw706ww) but still windows doesn’t install the correct drivers. Once the installation completes I can see driver files under C:\Program Files (x86)\Ericsson\WirelessModule but no drivers installed in Device Manager.

    Is my windows registry has some invalid entry?

    The card works fine on Ubuntu. Really appreciate your help.

  7. Philip D.

    I want to thank you very much. These bluescreens and log-outs were so annoying.

    You have calmed my strained nerves.


    Philip D.

  8. David

    Can this card, installed on lenovo thinkpad t420s / windows 7 work with any mobile carrier?

  9. j_kathy

    Thank you for the walkthrough!

    The linked driver (7uw706ww, version N° is working in Windows 7 on my Thinkpad X301 without any additional software installed – whereas the latest driver from the Lenovo homepage (83wo12ww, version N° is not.

  10. MW

    Works on W500 and Windows 8 x64 RTM.

    it did not work out of the box. but when I extracted and setup.exe and I picked from %temp% msi for setup64Win7.exe file and installed that msi it worked.

    all of my F3507g devices has been found and mobile broadband modem has appeared in Windows 8 networks list .

    when I run setup.exe from this zip file, in my driver list I had all F3607gw and F3507g usim driver only unpacked. I dont know why.

    bottom line it works.

  11. MW

    Small update, this driver in windows uninstall appears as version

    but when I install this http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS008571 (Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband Driver for Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) – IdeaPad S9, S10) it has x64 version in it, version and works, same install procedure as above.

    in device manager both of those have driver version 4.54.7103.1 on “F3507g Mobile Broadband Device”

  12. Adam Pristel

    Thanks for this, I can’t believe they make it so hard to use a piece of hardware they sell. I use this driver pack on a Dell Latitude E6510. I use SuperOrca msi editor to remove the authentication check and it works perfect. Thanks!

  13. Aare Tamm

    Thank You! Without Your help I couldn’t find that driver. It’s really hidden.

    God bless You!

  14. Bipin Gherwada

    I have 3G window taplet pc in that tablet ericssion AB mobile broadbanddevice installed but unfortunetly the detail of device has been erased
    so device is not responding now what I have to do?

  15. cholitha

    i have a T400 thinkpad laptop .one can tell me how to find erricson drivers for windows 8.1.help me?

  16. Rene

    i have a W500 Lenovo Laptop with UMTS Slot.
    I have try to installed the Driver you wrote above but i have a Problem.
    In the Network List are no Broadband Connection to see.

    Driver is correct, Installed Hardware are all Works fine !
    Network Connections Looks also good but i cannot see a Broadband Connection in the Network Lsit.

    What can i do ?
    Can you help me?

    many thanks

  17. Johan

    Are you able to get the Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband working in Windows 10?

    I did numerous attempts, but no succes. with the 6.3.3 I’m able to see the cellular network, but the button is grayed out.

    thank you in advance,

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