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I am an independent Software Developer based in South West England.

I offer consulting services including mentoring, training, prototyping, development, research, troubleshooting, and performance tuning. I specialise in Microsoft technologies, in particular WPF/XAML and PixelSense.

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Below is a list of the more memorable projects I have contributed to over the years

ANZ Surface

I was a consultant on this launch project for Surface in Australia. I was hired by Object Consulting in Melbourne to help develop the application and help get the team up to speed with the technology. We worked closely with M&CSAATCHI on the creative aspects. The finished application was showcased at the Australian Open 2010 in ANZ’s “Ice Cube”.

Lonely Planet Surface Demo

Lonely Planet proof-of-concept at REMIX Australia 2009

Lonely Planet/Microsoft/Amnesia managed to get a lot of (mostly!) good press from this proof-of-concept. The actual Surface application I coded was fairly simple – basically when a Lonely Planet book was placed on the table, out spilled a collection destination information cards that could be manipulated with the scatter view. You could then place your “passport” onto the table and save bits of information that interested you onto your passport for later retrieval over the web. This was more high-concept than high-technology – I still believe it shows interesting ideas of what could be done with Surface in a retail environment. In fact just thinking about it gets me excited 😉

Amnesia Business Card Demo

This was the first significant app I worked on for the Amnesia Surface table. It was built by just myself and one (very talented) designer – Matt Smith. Technology was obviously WPF/Expression Blend. When a business card was placed on the table a “life stream” of data for that employee would emerge: twitter, flickr, blog posts and employee stats. There was a fair bit of interest in this concept. Amnesia actually have the visual tags printed on their real business cards which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, as always, there wasn’t time to finish all the great ideas that were planned.

pro_refresh_market_depth_large_01E*Trade Pro (Active Trader)

This is a long story, but suffice to say that some of the code within E*Trade Pro was written by me. Basically I worked for a guy called Fil Mackay who started a company called iMedia who had a product called Active Trader. iMedia was bought by IWL. Active Trader was licensed to E*Trade to be rebranded as E*Trade Pro. Finally IWL flogged the whole lot to E*Trade. Then IWL was bought by Common Wealth Bank, and E*Trade was bought by ANZ. Then I went and got lunch. Simple really.

worldvision_australia_homepageWorldvision Australia Website Redevelopment

www.worldvision.com.au – I worked on this project during my year with Amnesia. This was a very challenging project with a large distributed team, using an Agile approach. The site was built using SiteFinity CMS. I was involved with the web services, build & deployment, CMS and general site development. We had some success using VersionOne – an Agile project management tool. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from this project was that choosing to use third-party frameworks doesn’t always make you more productive – especially over the short/medium term.

friend_magnet_homepageFriend Magnet

www.friendmagnet.com.au (offline)- This was actually quite a fun project to promote the use of Windows Live Messenger in Australia for NineMSN. I mainly worked on web services and database stuff. The game was designed to handle millions of unique visitors over its life and we succeeded in meeting our high performance goal. The project was built using .Net 3.5 hence I got plenty of valuable LINQ experience. You can read more about the game here.

ie8debateIE8 Debate

www.microsoft.com.au/ie8debate – This was an interesting/fun project. I was the sole backend developer and chose to build this small web application using ASP.NET MVC. The main challenge was meeting the very strict security and performance requirements that code has to adhere to which makes it onto the Microsoft.com domain.

pepsimax_thebigracePepsi Max Competiton

www.pepsimax.com.au – This project was a bit more complicated than most and had pretty short deadlines. Again I built the backend using ASP.NET MVC. The Flash game talked to the backend using simple json/xml web services, and I had to integrate with a third party for prize draw/CRM.

ps2_ps_fire_warriorFirewarrior (PlayStation 2)

This was a huge Games Workshop license based on the Warhammer 40k universe that I worked on during my years with Kuju Entertainment. Most of my job was involved in writing the level editing tools for the game. This was in the days before .Net had started to take off, but I always wished I could have gone back and built our tools with C# instead of C++/Win32. Reckon it would have been about 5 times more productive. As far as I recall the game was a something between a mild-failure and mild-success depending on who you ask.

lotus_challenge_xboxLotus Challenge (Xbox)

Also known as “Motor Trend Presents Lotus Challenge” in the USA, this was basically a port of the PS2 version over to the Xbox. Almost all of the game was written in C++. I was involved in porting parts of the game such as the stunt engine, menu system etc. Gave me a good appreciation of how to write portable C++ code. Game was bloody hard and very quickly ended up in the bargain bins. :)

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  2. sapan

    awesome man… seems like uve had it all on software devlopment… right from programming for games to website re-engineering to the surface devlopment… cool.. :)

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